The Holy EU Empire

“So the story of man runs in a dreary circle, because he is not yet master of the earth that holds him”

– Will Durant, American writer, historian and philosopher

History’s a broken record because the forces that drive it never change. Always in affinity with what went before, everything in existence, material or immaterial, is the progeny of something else. Which is to say that there is never a clean break from the past. It’s always present. This is true of ideas and beliefs as it is the winds of political change.

Henry VIII

Recently Professor David Starkey drew a comparison between Henry VIII’s break with the Roman Church and Brexit. It’s fought over the same territory. It’s fought over jurisdiction. And it’s fought over the meaning and significance of sovereignty. You could go further and say that Brexit is analogous to the Reformation itself, which was the desire to practice one’s religion free from the restraints of a despotic regime naturally craving the fundamental characteristic of despotism: control.

In order to get his divorce from Catharine of Aragon, Henry is forced to sever religious and political ties with Rome. Because England is subordinate to a European court, to which it pays hefty subsides, which has already refused to grant him his request. The Roman Church’s hold over English affairs isn’t a forceful one, but a moral, political and economic one. In Tudor England there are Catholics whose loyalty remains with the ancient regime and attempt to thwart partition. Henry purges them and this purge continues right up until the English Civil War.

To do all of this, Henry, a formerly staunch Catholic, jumps on the coattails of an already established seditious movement, and uses it to seize power from the despotic Church.

If you replace Henry VIII with Boris Johnson, the Church with the European Union, ‘Remainers’ with Catholics and the seditious movement with Brexit, you will see close parallels with the political landscape of today.

The Reformation started with the subversive infiltration of Protestantism, but Brexit has been triggered as a result of the angry backlash to the apparent infiltration of the nation’s socio-economic-political structure with huge combinations of transnational capital and agents loyal to its bureaucratic institution, namely the European Union.

It should always be repeated that the country never voted to join the EU. In 1975 the country voted to join the European Economic Community (EEC), a vote which merely ratified the country having already entered in 1973. Since then more powers have been ceded in an ever closer political and economic union, with the EU in its current guise being established in 1993 after the signing of the Maastricht Treaty, which was followed by the Treaty of Amsterdam, Treaty of Nice and Treaty of Lisbon.

This transfer of more and more power through the backdoor represents a major, mostly silent reordering of the bonds that bind us. Of the social contract itself. The reason for this silence is that established power is asking the public to accept in practice what they know perfectly well they wouldn’t accept in theory. And though the conscious manipulation of the masses is an indispensable element of societal control, the current schism exposes the failure of silence and contrivance to steer public opinion away from an outdated belief system: the love of country.

This failure is responsible for the widening chasm between the beliefs of the liberal establishment and the bulk of the population, and between popular sovereignty and parliamentary sovereignty. And this is despite the current liberal establishment not daring to admit to what it believes. As a class they are non-literal Mohammedans who continue to wear the garb of Christ, observing the Eucharist while facing Mecca.

Taken as a whole (and considering the signing into soft law in December last year of the UN’s Global Compact for Migration, which creates an international structure of resettlement, with migrants having the right to settle where they please, national governments being encumbered to ensure they are safely housed and provided for and to enact legislation to criminalise as hate speech anyone who criticises mass immigration) you would have to conclude that the liberal establishment believes in the disintegration of the nation state. Of most nation states, for that matter. Which, by inference, points to a largely invisible, hegemonic global power, of which the EU is one head of the Hydra.

This isn’t democratic, how could it be? The centralisation of power over a vast area is to democracy what the Vatican is to religious self-determination.

Mutual ideas and beliefs are the pillars that hold up the edifice of a healthy society. They are the glass in which the social cocktail is housed. When they start to breakdown, society itself starts to breakdown. And presently in Britain, as in the rest of the Western world, we are seeing cracks, major fault lines in the very structures that hold it together. The reason is that because the fabric of power has changed, its accompanying beliefs have changed.

In the past, attempts to make radical changes to belief systems have invariably met with bloody resistance. Since WWII the global establishment has tried to avoid this by implementing its grand vison by slow degrees, of which the EU is but one manifestation. Other trading blocks, and global institutions, such as the IMF and UN are others. They are proxies of a transnational power that seeks to dissolve national boundaries and establish a global control grid, which conceals its power by leaving the various forms of nationhood largely intact.

To-date, its success has been proportional to its ability to hide its own mechanisms. A transnational power that has been marked by sly infiltration, not philosophical and religious conversion. Indeed, most of the talk of those loyal to the EU consists of sophistries and excuses invented to patch up a corrupt compromise of a transnational oligarchy. Thus, worship isn’t a social undertaking, but a private one.

But this network, of which the EU is a vital cog, is failing. The genie is out of the bottle and the troglodytes are out of the cave. The torch of nationalism the world over has caught alight. It will either be quelled by persecution or it will spread like wildfire; because until this point, the establishment’s attempts to throw cold water at it have only exacerbated the blaze.

The Brexit debacle is the white smoke billowing from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel. It’s the signal that our relationship with power has changed.

The question is, what do we do about it?

4 thoughts on “The Holy EU Empire

  1. The English Christian Reformation started in large part because Henry VIII wanted to divorce one of his several wives.

    As a Christian myself, it would be a delicious irony if the similarly cynically motivated creation of Brexit as the church of England, would lead to a spiritual revival.

    A sky poll a while ago said that 92% of Brits agree that Brexit is a national humiliation (whatever side of the argument we’re on). What if we humbled ourselves before the Almighty, in order for Him to raise us up into eternal life within His truly United Kingdom? 🙂

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